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hierarcadia: approximating naivety

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Alexandra has collaborated with Ernest Dalton, Director and Playwright with 1970's radical theatre company North West Spanner, now member of Cambridge based experimental film group neuf, to produce a hybrid performance inspired by Nicolas Poussin's painting Dance to the Music of Time of 1649.

Against the backdrop of Alexandra’s sculptural interpretation of the cycle of birth, life and death, she and Dalton grapple with Art's impact on our perception of a past, present and future in our modern lives. 

They shall be performing in Cambridge under the umbrella of the exhibition Art Language Location, and the Festival of Ideas, organised by Cambridge University.

Dates of performances: to be confirmed at a later date.
23, 29, 30 October, Methodist Hall, Castle St, Cambridge
25 October, Little Hall, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge



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