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I once loved a Sufi
but he smoked too much grass
I once loved a Buddhist
who spent too much time sitting on his arse
I once loved a Jew
but he attacked me with a knife
I once loved a Christian
but he wouldn’t leave his wife

Now I love a Centaur:
the body of an animal from the waist down
the torso of a noble man.
He likes to walk barefoot
but I’m afraid of removing my shoes
of feeling the earth under my feet and my head in my toes.
But this way love gets grounded
and made more profound,
not that airy-fairy merry-go-round.

I used to go to church
to receive the bread and wine
but now I stay at home
to be touched by the Divine.

11. M522 HBD, 2013

I once loved a Sufi
Art Language Location, Cambridge


photo credit: Karen Eng



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