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Manifesto M522 HBD

A little bit of insignificance, ha, ha!
That’s me
On my raft
Floating on the ocean of art
Secretly thinking I’m the best
Separating myself out from all the rest.
A Significant Fool
Is what I want to be
In my quest for immortality.

The artists at whom I look down my nose
Are very clever at striking a pose,
But Robert Crumb and Philip Guston
(my heroes of the debunk ‘em)
Have no need of Emperor’s new clothes
Preferring to be seen in their under-clothes.

As a Significant Fool
I would rather drink tea
With the Blue Rider artists
Kandinsky and Klee,
Discussing the spiritual possibilities of blue and yellow
The rectangle, the triangle
And the circle of Heaven.

But how can I bring this
Into matter of fact,
Of feet of clay
And our own decay,
The compost bin of her and him
Living with joy and suffering?

I can make art my daily bread
(Not butter they utter under their breath)
A ritual of play with serious intent,
Creating a space for a third way
By letting opposites have their say.
Using virtues and vices
Chances and choices
I will invent a thing
Out of stuff and string,
For substance and emptiness
To combine
Using colour and texture
Form and line.

At the end of the day
I will sit at the feet of William Blake
And listen to him say:
“I do not reason and compare
My business is to create.”

2. M522 HBD, 2013

Art Language Location, Cambridge


photo credit: Karen Eng



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