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Let There Be Light: the art and science of light in paintings
Out of the Blue: the story of blue in art
Red Vibrations
Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea, in the company of artists
Air, Angels and Aeroplanes
Down to Earth: depictions of earthly delights
On the Way to the Wedding: depictions of love in art

Study Days:
Pulling Pictures Apart
Cardinal Colours: red, yellow and blue
Painting the Elements: earth, water, air and fire




Let There be Light: the art and science of light in paintings

Over 4.6 Billion years ago a star was born and our sun started to shine. Soon after this the Earth and our other planets were formed and light began its eight minute flight to Earth. Science and art have moved forward together in the quest to understand light as can be seen in representations of rainbows or contemporary Black Holes.

For artists light can express emotions, from El Greco’s light of spiritual ecstasy to the dangerous darkness of Caravaggio, from Turner’s sublime sunlight to Samuel Palmer’s melancholy moonlight. Australian Impressionism uses a different colour palette to European Impressionism.

Stonehenge was built to worship the sun, and today James Turrell makes light temples in art galleries and Dan Flavin makes altarpieces from fluorescent tubes.

Let me enlighten you as to how artists have painted temporal and spiritual light through the Ages.