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Let There Be Light: the art and science of light in paintings
Out of the Blue: the story of blue in art
Red Vibrations
Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea, in the company of artists
Air, Angels and Aeroplanes
Down to Earth: depictions of earthly delights
On the Way to the Wedding: depictions of love in art

Study Days:
Pulling Pictures Apart
Cardinal Colours: red, yellow and blue
Painting the Elements: earth, water, air and fire




Red Vibrations

Colours are radiant energies that affect us positively and negatively, and red is the most forceful of all. Its range of expression is extreme, from demonic scarlet to angelic pink.

Pure red is the colour of passion. This is because of its association with blood and fire. When we fall in love our blood is on fire! Like blood and fire, passion can be both creative and destructive. We will look at the way artists have used red to express these opposing energies.

Some artists use red for purely aesthetic reasons, typically done to draw attention to a small detail, other times red is used to express emotion or to symbolise social status or a religious idea such as Christ wearing red to symbolise his sacrifice.

The history of red pigments is explored in conjunction with the analyses of paintings formal qualities.

I guarantee that you will leave this lecture never seeing red in quite the same way again!