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Let There Be Light: the art and science of light in paintings
Out of the Blue: the story of blue in art
Red Vibrations: the story of red in art
Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea, in the company of artists
Air, Angels and Aeroplanes
Down to Earth: depictions of earthly delights
On the Way to the Wedding: depictions of love in art
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: German Art 1900-1940

Study Days:
Pulling Pictures Apart
Cardinal Colours: red, yellow and blue
Painting the Elements: earth, water, air and fire
Let there be Light: the art and science of Light in Paintings
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: German Art 1900-1940

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Air, Angels and Aeroplanes

How do artists convey the immaterial essence of air and what flights of fancy do they take us on?

They may make studies of clouds such as Constable, or paint whirlwinds like Turner or London fogs like Whistler. They may paint birds in flight, or an angel delivering a message, a hot air balloon gliding across the countryside, or an aeroplane dropping bombs.

Abstract artists such as Mark Tobey and Bridget Riley paint expansive spaces that are devoid of matter.

Air is related to the intellect and abstract thought. The paintings of Mondrian and Ben Nicholson exemplify this aspect of the air element.

Air Angels and Aeroplanes takes you on a flight into the aerial imagination.

Come fly with me!