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Let There Be Light: the art and science of light in paintings
Out of the Blue: the story of blue in art
Red Vibrations
Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea, in the company of artists
Air, Angels and Aeroplanes
Down to Earth: depictions of earthly delights
On the Way to the Wedding: depictions of love in art

Study Days:
Pulling Pictures Apart
Cardinal Colours: red, yellow and blue
Painting the Elements: earth, water, air and fire




On the Way to the Wedding: depictions of love in art

A lecture that explores the way artists paint different expressions of love, from demonic to divine love.

The journey begins at home, looking at how artists have painted children with their parents. It then moves into the teenage years making comparisons between 19th and 20th century expressions of teenage love and angst.

The search for happiness in love takes us down many different roads, many of which are bumpy and littered with hazards. Otto Dix, Georg Groz and Egon Schiele went to emotional places most of us try to avoid.

From the dark humour of Paula Rego’s paintings to the psychological intensity of Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures, from the Mexican passions of Frida Kahlo to the Australian passions of Arthur Boyd, these roads twist and turn as they climb the highs and lows of love.

The paintings of Chagall fuse personal love with universal love while Rembrandt and Vermeer convey a love that is beyond words.

A lecture for the Romantic!