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Alexandra Drysdale’s art moves between sculpture, painting and performance. The driving force behind her work is the desire to find harmony and wholeness, out of separation and disagreement, and to find meaning and value in the absurd and disregarded. For twenty-five years, there has been a continual pursuit to work out how she can express in material forms the relationship between matter and energy, earth and air, substance and emptiness.

Each piece of work is a precarious balancing act between these opposites in which contrasts in materiality, colour, weight, and texture coexist. The objects relationship to space is explored by a variety of means: two or more objects in conversation with each other, open and closed forms, transparent and opaque materials. Linear devices such as string and plastic cables lead the eye from one form to another and animate the space.

Performance allows Drysdale to counterbalance the singularity of her sculpture with the buzz of social interaction. Her actions animate and celebrate her work, giving them for a short time an added assertiveness and presence. But more than this, they create a social space for artist and audience to interact.

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