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Let There Be Light: the art and science of light in paintings
Out of the Blue: the story of blue in art
Red Vibrations: the story of red in art
Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea, in the company of artists
Air, Angels and Aeroplanes
Down to Earth: depictions of earthly delights
On the Way to the Wedding: depictions of love in art
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: German Art 1900-1940

Study Days:
Pulling Pictures Apart
Cardinal Colours: red, yellow and blue
Painting the Elements: earth, water, air and fire
Let there be Light: the art and science of Light in Paintings
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: German Art 1900-1940

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“Red Vibrations”

Your artist’s knowledge and insights illuminated everything that you said. The clarity and enthusiasm of your presentation and the compelling nature of the imagery and its interpretation was admired by all. Your lecture will be long remembered by our members.
Geoffrey Hinton, Chairman: Oxford Art Society

You spoke with such eloquence and authority on a fascinating topic with excellent slides and opened our eyes to facets of art we may not have noticed before.
Jennifer Dewar, Chairman: The Arts Society, Sydney, Australia

“Journey of the River from the Source to the Sea”

Alexandra Drysdale is a brilliant lecturer. What made her talk special was the interweaving of the life-giving nature of water with the spirit of human life in all its depth and variety.
Sir Angus Stirling, Director General of the National Trust

“Out of the Blue: story of Blue in Art”

Altogether this lecture was a magnificent occasion, providing us with a wealth of information and a feast of fabulous imagery.
Professor William Vaughan, Chairman of Bruton Art Society