Alexandra Drysdale is an artist living in Bruton, Somerset. Graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 1985, Alexandra specialises in sculpture, painting and drawing. She has exhibited extensively and had several residencies throughout her career in the UK and overseas. Alexandra is also an art history lecturer.

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Art History Lecturer

Portrait of Alexandra Drysdale amid her sculptures in her exhibition at the Bruton Museum

Art & Sculpture

Alexandra’s art is a collage of sculpture and painting. Combining original and traditional techniques of art and craft, these objects defy easy categorization. They are wholly original.

Alexandra’s passion and wide-ranging knowledge of art and art history has lead her to become a sought after lecturer. Since 2003, she has been an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society, and has also lectured in Europe, Australia and Malaysia. She is available as a freelance lecturer for bookings; to enquire please get in touch through the contact page.

Art History Lectures
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