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Alexandra is an art historian and a professional artist who specialises in sculpture and painting. She has a First, BA (hons) Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art and an MFA from Cambridge School of Art.

Since 2003 she has been an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society. This has enabled her to lecture throughout the UK and in Europe, Australia (three tours), and Malaysia.

Original & Dynamic

Alexandra’s lectures combine art historical knowledge with personal expertise in aesthetics and artistic techniques. It is this combination that makes her lectures so original and dynamic.

Analysis from an Artist’s Perspective

Art from all periods, including examples of her own work, is examined from an artist and historian’s point of view. This entails a perceptive analysis of a painting’s structure, its meaning, and its relationship to the history of art. Alexandra puts a particular emphasis on studying the symbolic language of the imagination.

Please use the links below to read more about her lectures, study days and courses. You can also watch two recent lectures filmed in May 2019 in George Town, Malaysia here.

Alexandra Drysdale portrait - artist and art historian

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In May 2019 Alexandra Drysdale gave two lectures to The Arts Society in Penang, Malaysia.

Let there be Light: the art and science of light in painting”, and “Red Vibrations: the story of red in art..